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The £2m timepiece! Angelina Jolie splashes out on crazily priced watch for Brad Pitt

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What do you buy as a wedding gift for the man who has almost everything? Well if you’re Angelina Jolie it seems the answer is a Patek Philippe watch that costs a crotch-twitching £2million ($3m).

According to the Daily Mirror, the Tomb Raider actress flashed the cash for the super-rare 1952 platinum timepiece as a love token for Brad, whom she wed in a secret ceremony at Chataeu Mirival in the South of France month.

News of the extravagance emerged  after she took the watch to be engraved with the words: “To Roly from Nessa.” Apparently, they are the names of the characters that the newlyweds play in the film By The Sea, which they are currently making in Malta.

Jeweller George Farrugia, 57, who did the engraving, said: “I did inscribe the watch, it was for Brad and it was a very rare one. Oh yes, it was very valuable.”

Yup, George, it’s worth a cool two million. For a watch. Never mind telling the time, for that sort of bread Ginger Clam would want a timepiece that can tickle a man’s balls with feather until they’re red raw – and then stir the cocktails afterwards.

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