• Charlie Sheen
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    Sheen cancels marriage to porn star

    Celeb Clam

    There’s no point buying the cow when you can get the milk for free. Or can watch it being milked by other dudes on DVD.
    Ole Charlie boy has finally shown some sense and decided that marrying porn stars is a step too far, even by his own extraordinary standards.
    Earlier this year, Ginger Clam revealed [...]

  • miley
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    Naked Mylie hits the net

    Celeb Clam

    Hot little minx Miley ‘camel toe world champ’ Cyrus does not like missing out on media attention. As other stars have fallen victim to iPhone hacking and leaked raunchy pics, Cyrus has watched the world’s focus wander from Miley world.
    So, time for some nude snaps to hit the net…
    The controversial star surprised nobody yesterday [...]

  • 40th Annual American Music Awards - Arrivals
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    Bieber escapes phone theft charge

    Celeb Clam

    Clam’s fave little prepubescent winklepicker, Justin ‘my moustache is a caterpillar’ Bieber, has done something strange – he’s been cleared of any wrongdoing! Yipee!
    FilmOn.com viewers were frothy with excitement over recent TMZ reports that Bieber had been investigated for ‘attempted battery, attempted theft and attempted robbery’, connected to an incident in an LA restaurant. [...]

  • 86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals
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    Martin helps Lawrence through hacking trauma

    Celeb Clam

    We always knew that Chris ‘more boring than potatoes’ Martin was a true gent and now the plank of wood is proving it.
    As the rest of Hollywood giggles at the endless stream of leaked nudey pics from Jennifer Lawrence’s iPhone, the Coldplay star is providing unyielding support and a big shoulder of strength for his [...]

  • Charlie Sheen
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    Sheen sinks his teeth in

    Celeb Clam

    Charlie ‘one flap short of a vajayjay’ Sheen is back where he belongs – wreaking havoc through Hollywood, playing the King of Crazy. Boy, we’ve missed him.
    Only days after Sheen’s little ‘dental episode’ – the LAPD are investigating after he reportedly lashed out at a clinic technician who accused him of going after her boss [...]

  • "Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals
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    Kim and Kanye humiliated by Paris fashionistas

    Celeb Clam

    Oh dear, it seems that Kimye just keep yanking people’s chains these days.
    The latest unfortunate incident for the couple has come in Paris during Fashion Week. The event is currently lighting up the city, but Kimye’s attempts to hijack any media attention are working for all the wrong reasons.
    During the Lanvin catwalk show, loud boos [...]

  • BAFTA Los Angeles 2013 Britannia Awards Presented by BBC America - Arrivals
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    Stars flood Venice as Clooney finally succumbs to wedlock

    Celeb Clam

    Gondolas are overflowing with celebs in Venice today as Amal ‘my surname sounds like a contraceptive’ Alamuddin prepares to achieve the impossible: getting George ‘never banged anyone older than himself’ Clooney down the aisle. Good luck gal!
    Clooney’s feet are no doubt currently colder than Hilary Clinton’s heart.
    Many of the world’s hottest babes have tried to [...]

  • "Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals
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    Hollywood panics! Hackers humiliate more stars

    Celeb Clam

    Oh Lordy, we haven’t been this horny since Oprah mistook Ginger Clam for a taco and wrapped her lips around our bits. A barrage of new stolen celebrity content has hit the net and it is as hot as Britney’s crotch during a Memphis heatwave.
    Kim and Kanye are the highest profile victims of the latest [...]

  • Rob Kardashian clam
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    Rob Kardashian in crazy baby drama

    Celeb Clam

    FilmOn.com viewers have been stunned with the latest news from TMZ – Rob Kardashian has been PRETENDING to have a secret baby.
    This is premier league crazy ass behaviour and we damn well salute it. Not even Lindsay ‘more crackers than Christmas’ has ever invented a baby. Yet.
    Kardashian sent the press into a frenzy recently with [...]

  • 2009 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals
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    Shocked disabled fans face wrath of Kanye

    Celeb Clam

    Kanye ‘nuttier than a squirrel’s nut sack’ West took his trademark loony behaviour to strange new depths on Friday night.
    Concert goers in Sydney, Australia, were stunned when the star started shouting instructions at people from the stage – demanding that two disabled fans stand up and dance, despite the fact that they were in [...]

  • "Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals
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    Kim and Kanye stoke sex tape rumours

    Celeb Clam

    Kim ‘take a picture of my arse’ Kardashian has got Ginger Clam all hot and bothered by suggesting that she and Kanye ‘empty vessels make most noise’ West have a secret sex tape.
    Kardashian hinted at a sequel to her infamous 2007 sex tape during an interview at the British GQ Men of the Year Awards.
    The [...]

  • 40th Annual American Music Awards - Arrivals
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    Fans fear Bieber on path to destruction

    Celeb Clam

    Heartbroken fans of Justin ‘small like bonzai’ Bieber fear the little ferret is on a mission of self-destruction.
    Bieber’s huge fanbase have followed every step of the tiny mischief maker’s increasingly wayward path. Now, they fear the end is nigh. Forums have been flooded with anguished ‘Beliebers’ losing faith in their pre-pubescent cutie pie.
    The latest knockout [...]

  • Taylor Swift
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    Taylor joins The Voice

    Celeb Clam

    Try not to strain your groin with excitement, but Taylor ‘boyfriend repellent’ Swift is set to join TV’s hottest talent show, The Voice. FilmOn.com viewers are already moist with excitement.
    The 24 year old hottie may be as boring as a pair of old socks, but that hasn’t stopped NBC gifting her with a huge contract [...]

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