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Meet the Bush Man of Central Park. Watch New Yorkers get jumpy on BattleCam

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Introducing the Bush Man. No we’re not talking about a numb-nuts called George W. who used to be the President of the United States, nor are we talking about a man whose pubic hair has got out of control.

We’re talking about a man dressed as a plant.

A hilarious prank video shows a joker in  New York’s Central Park in a bush costume that even the US army would be proud of. Covered in leaves, he is invisible as he blends in with the surroundings – waiting for the right moment to catch passers-by off guard.

The sneaky bush man manages to get a good jump out of most of the people he surprises even though they would probably be more scared if it was President Bush.

Watch the whole prank below, and for more great clips go to Battlecam.com


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