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Crazy teenager lies underneath train – see shocking video on BattleCam

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This has gotta be one of the dumbest stunts we’ve ever seen. An idiotic teenager has filmed a viral video of himself laying down on a railway track while he awaits a speeding train to approach.

The kid positions himself between the rails and stays in place as the locomotive thunders past just inches above him at terrifying speed.

The teenager thankfully emerges unhurt because there’s a big enough gap between the train and ground for him to hide within. But let’s face it, the little ass-hole could have been turned into mince meat at any second if he’d have moved an inch or been clipped by anything on the underside of the train.

The viral video was filmed in Italy and has been picked up by the British tabloids who are suitably outraged and warning readers not to try this at home. You can see the footage below via, where there are thousands of other amazing clips to choose from.

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