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My baby’s drowning! Prank video of pram falling into sea causes splash on BattleCam

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Watching a pram roll off a jetty into the sea with a precious baby inside is enough to horrify the shit out of anyone.

But that’s exactly what a cruel joker stunted up for a prank video that’s doing the rounds on BattleCam and YouTube – and Ginger Clam has gotta admit that the results are kinda funny even though the whole thing is a bit sick.

The prankster approached strangers and asked them if they could take a photo of him and his child.

As he walks up to approach them, the baby carriage starts to roll across the edge and into the sea. With some convincing panicky screams he manages to scare the living hell out of the poor bastards who rush to save it.

When they get to the edge they discover that the baby is in fact a doll. As the victims realise they have been pranked, there are mixed emotions. They don’t know whether to laugh, cry, punch the prankster in the face or run off in embarrassment.

Watch the prank below, and for more clips go to



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