Hey, I’ve got ebola! Man’s dumb health prank spreads panic on plane – see video

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How’s this as a contender for the most annoying thing since U2 gave away their crappy album – a philadelphia man has kept a plane full of passengers grounded for four hours after ‘joking’ that he had ebola.

The unnamed moron caused widespread panic on the plane after coughing and spluttering before telling fellow travellers that he was infected with the killer virus.

Whilst travelling from Philadelphia to the Dominican Republic, he shouted: “I have ebola, I’ve been to Africa! You are all screwed.”

Nor surprisingly, the flight had to be grounded while medics in blue quarantine suits (pictured above) boarded the the plane to test the nut for the disease.

A flight attended told the other passengers: “I have done this for 36 years and I think the man who has said this an idiot – I’ll say that straight out.”

You watch the drama unfold on the news clip below which was loaded up to BattleCam.com – for more live news go to www.FilmOn.com.



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