My God, he’s alive! Driver survives incredible car smash – see video on BattleCam

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When it comes to viral videos of car crashes, they don’t come any more amazing than this. A driver has walked away unhurt after being thrown through a windshield while rolling a 1955 Chevrolet onto its roof at high speed.

Incredible footage of the smash, which happened at a race track in Colorado, USA, has become cult viewing on video sharing networks like (where you can also see thousands of other great clips).

Here at Ginger Clam it makes us queasy just to watch it, so you might wanna fasten your own seatbelts at home before viewing the full video below.

It starts off kinda slow as two cars assemble on the grid, but as soon as the race begins all hell breaks lose. The Chevrolet swerves first the left and then rolls over to the right, spinning upside down again and again as debris rains onto the track.

When the wreck finally comes to a halt you can see the driver’s legs actually sticking out of the windshield and everybody assumes that he is surely dead. Then, amazingly, he pulls himself free and walks away.

“He don’t know where the f*** he is, but he’s out,” says a witness.

It’s pure poetry. Enjoy.

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