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Michael Phelps expected to check into rehab after admitting: “I need help!”

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There comes a time when even an 18-times Olympic gold medallist has to admit he’s beat. It seems that swimming champ Michael Phelps is heading for rehab after confiding that he needs help following his recent arrest for drunk-driving.

The 29-year-old athlete – who was busted in Baltimore a week ago for allegedly driving under the influence, speeding and weaving across traffic lanes – has been pouring out his heart in a series of emotional tweets to fans.

The star said: “The past few days have been extremely difficult. I recognize that this is not my first lapse in judgement, and I am extremely disappointed with myself.

“I am going to take some time away to attend a program that will provide the help ┬áneed to better understand myself.”

Phelps’s tweets have been widely interpreted as meaning that he will now check into some form of rehab. It could therefore be some time before we see the star competing in the pool again.

We all know Phelps can swim like a fish – it’s just a shame that he seems to wanna drink like one too.

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