What a mug-shot! Buffy star Nicholas Brendon arrested over hotel hissy-fit

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Actor Nicholas Brendon of Buffy fame was arrested in Idaho … and his mugshot makes him look like he has just risen from the dead, or at least a seriously banging party.

Brendon, who played super-geek Xander in the teen-drama, was in the area for a geek fest Comic Con event and was arrested following a ‘disturbance’ in the hotel lobby (sounds suspiciously like a scene from Buffy to us).

When the cops turned up last Friday, they found Brendon was allegedly drunk and refused to sit down despite cops warnings, so officers took him into custody for allegedly resisting and obstructing arrest.

Cops told celebrity news website TMZ that the hotel staff also reported Nicholas had broken an ornament in the hotel as well.

A spokesperson for the actor siad after apologising on his behalf: “It would be extremely helpful, if we could all put this misunderstanding behind us and focus on more positive things.”

Like unicorns and rainbows and glitter (Okay, we added the last part).

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