Shock video shows sea lion attacking fishermen and their dog – see it on BattleCam

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Remember those cute sea mammals that used waddle around at the zoo doing amusing tricks in exchange for being tossed a few fish as a snack?  Well the giant bastard is this viral video is nothing like that.

The incredible footage shows what happened when a bunch of Russian fishermen accidentally captured a fully grown sea lion that weighed 1,500lb in one of their nets.

At first the crew where kinda bemused and didn’t know what to do, so they decided to cut it free. Bad idea. The angry beast ran amok on deck, attacking the fisherman and mauling a dog.

Keep your eyes on the guy on the left in the first few seconds of the video, which is available at  The sea lion grabs him by the shoulder with its mouth and tosses him through the air like a rag doll.

The men only manage to subdue the monster with the help of a high pressure water hose – and even then the animal remains mightily pissed off.

Thank f*** it was never like this at SeaWorld!

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