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Tattooed model who twerks her breasts in time to Mozart causes meltdown on web

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A crazy viral video is causing meltdown on the web – after showing a tattooed model twerking her breasts up and down in time to classical music.

Blonde Sara X Mills performs her amazing routine in a short clip that shows her 36DD bikini-clad boobs twitching along to Mozart’s famous composition Eine kleine Nactmusik.

She insists her amazing muscle movements are performed naturally without any strings – and you gotta see it to believe it. The footage has caused an avalanche of viewers on video platforms like (where you can see thousands of other great clips).

Sara said: “I’m a tall tattooed weirdo with an offbeat sense of humor. I never take myself seriously if I can help it.  No, this isn’t fake or a trick (but my boobs are). No strings attached just plenty of silicone.

Sara – we salute you.

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