The Turd Reich … New Jersey businessman finds Hitler’s toilet in scrapyard

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Here’s a weird one about the nastiest cunt in history, old Adolf Hitler himself.

A toilet used by The Fuhrer on board his party’s luxury yacht Aviso Grille has been found in a car repair garage – and it’s still in full working order and being used daily.

hitler2The Nazi khazi is now at Greg’s Auto Repair in Florence , New Jersey, where owner Greg Kohfeldt said it was found on a scrap yard in 1951 by a previous boss. It was dumped there when the yacht was broken up.

“Not many people can say they have used the same throne as the most evil man in history, can they?” Greg reportedly told a newspaper.

“Over the years hundreds of people have popped by to have a look.”

He is now thinking of selling it: “If the right offer came along I’d seriously consider it. Imagine having it in your house. It would be a conversation starter.”

You can say that again.




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